New product: The Carer's Watch (Aus & UK)

Launched in Australia at the end of November, and on the point of launching in the UK, a new wristwatch-form mobile personal alarm and tracking system: The Carer’s Watch. So, it not only tells the time, but has the capabilities of a mobile phone and a panic alert. It can receive incoming calls from any land line or mobile phone and has a Global Positioning System that can communicate with any authorised mobile phone and the internet. The panic button function transmits the wearer’s location and alerts authorised contacts. Other interesting features include an auto answer function; geo-fencing; GPRS Tracking and SMS Breadcrumbing for when mobile internet coverage is not available, but mobile phone coverage is. Get a first look at the watch, and contact details, in the brochure. (PDF download)

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    1. [quote name=”Nancy Lustre”]When and where can we buy this device?[/quote]
      Try [url][/url]

  1. Strange … they were promoting this at a Learning Network event in Stirling just this week and I had noted the website to take a more in depth look. The leaflet doing the rounds was this pdf.

    The website appears not to be active … is this another product that hasn’t actually yet made it into production and availability for our service users?

    Carers Watch – if this product is available now you need to sack your marketing guru because there is no evidence!

    Manufacturers – if you believe in your product get it to market … if you are just testing the market then please say so; then commissioners and practitioners don’t have to waste time following up an exciting new product lead only to find it will be a year before it might be available!

    1. Sorry , The unit is an Australian product and is now available here (in Australia). trials are currently taking place in the UK that will be completed shortly, this is the same device as we already have here.The Australian website that gives details is, Mike our UK contact is in touch with many government and council groups and we are currently setting up the Uk section.

  2. [quote name=”Dave Ingerson”], Mike our UK contact is in touch with many government and council groups and we are currently setting up the Uk section.[/quote]

    Thanks for clarifying this Dave – the net result though is that without getting the cart firmly behind the horse there is a risk of alienating the very people you need to get on side – everytime I or a colleague follow up a product such as this it is costing our Authorities money … senior management in health and social care have an increasingly frequent question – “yes that is all good but when will I save money?”

    I am sure UK readers will be delighted to hear from you/Mike WHEN the UK section is set up and the product is available for our service users … the week it was announced here I could have seriously considered this for three separate referrals along with two other products which also turned out not to be actually available yet …

    … in the meantime a timescale for “that will be completed shortly” might be useful? Thanks

  3. This looks a neat solution, Mike gave us an overview of it. For more info see their website here,


    or for those twittered up catch their feed @findmetech

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