5 thoughts on “New gadgets help north Essex patients (UK)

  1. Essex project how much???

    How can any government justify a cost of £2500/head for 40 patients?

    That’s what 100K is for 40 patients in Essex.

    Telehealth will never take off with a cost per head like this. And no wonder those with their trotters in the trough fight so hard to protect their territory!

  2. Essex costs
    I don’t think you have taken into account the cost for the monitoring solution.

  3. Essex Cost

    £2500 per patient with CCF 1st year (lets say 2 years) and £1500 2nd year (no equipment cost) = £4k. This patient has 9 inpatient stays over last 2 years (average stay 5 days at £370 per day) total = £16,650. Show 30% reduction in admissions of this patient over two years = saving £5550. Deduct one from the other and you have an actual save of £1550, + increased patient control over management.

    PS I do not work for a telehealth organisation.

  4. Who really pays for marketing activities
    Now that Tunstall has taken on board a new product, someone has to pay the cost of them offering to upgrade some of their past customers free of charge from the old Genesis Systems. Looks like North Essex is making its contribution!

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