New Continua Certified A&D devices announced

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A&D and Continua chalk up another win-win as A&D announces that two of its Bluetooth-enabled telehealth blood pressure and weight monitoring devices have been certified as conforming to the Continua Alliance’s Version One Design Guidelines, incorporating the Bluetooth Health Device Profile and the ISO/IEEE 11073 data protocols. More information in the A&D press release.

It cannot be long before tender specifications require the use of Continua Certified devices not only to ensure future compatibility within their systems but also as a quick way of assuring a level of general technical competence, if not excellence. So it makes sense for device manufacturers to be going for this certification as quickly as possible.

A&D Continua certified BP monitor

Continua… close to start…

For an additional angle on the development, read the Cambridge Consultants press release which says that they offered A&D “a quickly deployed, cost-effective solution to achieve complete Continua certification without a costly hardware redesign.”

It also looks as though Continua intends to maintain a list of certified products here.

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