Move over 'Hector', here comes the mighty HSR robot (JP)

toyota-helper-robot-1The latest iteration in Toyota’s ongoing Partner Robot program is the HSR (sounds like a car model, yes?). The Human Support Robot has many of the features of Hector, the CompanionAble robot [TA 23 Aug], including the tablet control, with several major advances: the 2.5 foot arm that grips objects and lifts weights up to 2.6 lbs. from the floor upwards to well above its ‘head’; a telescopic body of 2.3 to 4.7 feet; a body that can compact itself to 14.5 inches in diameter and full tablet capability including Skype and camera. Designed to meet the confines of small homes and the oldest proportionate population in the world (Euromonitor 2011), Toyota piloted it at Yokohama Rehabilitation Center since last year, with patients providing feedback on the robot’s design. It doesn’t resemble Gumby, but it badly needs some styling help. Go to Tokyo Big Sight 26- 28 September for its public premiere. Toyota unveils helpful Human Support Robot (GizMag)