More from MHE: Globaltel Media

During Mobile Health Expo (MHE), I had the opportunity to sit down with two of the principals from San Diego-based Globaltel Media, Robert Sanchez, president and CEO, and Lauren Katayama, chief of staff. This editor [Donna] learned about their SMS chat platform that enables web-to-text send and receive (Cherple) and their new web-to-mobile image delivery system called Alirti, which embeds URLs in text messages that open up in your web browser.

I found it easy and quick to use on a BlackBerry.  According to Sanchez, the advantages are that the images are ‘light’ at 100kb and not dependent on having an internet connection.  Based on research (Forrester) SMS messages are responded to at five times the rate of emails.  And when the image is a medical one, immediacy is #1.  Who’s the market?  Sanchez cited new products, medical spas and aesthetics, continuing medical education (presumably fast reminders).  Multiple verticals help a company to cross-promote wellness, products and professional uses (and provides a better business model); Sanchez’ background as an engineer with Qualcomm and his own consultancy, plus his work as a trustee for the Rady Children’s Hospital IT Task Force and as a healthcare advisor to government illustrates the diverse background of most in the mHealth field.  This week, Globaltel announced that Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center will be using the Globaltel platforms for delivering personalized, HIPAA compliant messages to clients and prospects.  Response rates in their initial test were 69%, increasing to 88% when services were offered.  Release.