Moray to ramp up its telehealthcare service (UK)

Para 2.4 of the draft strategy gives us Moray’s justification “Telecare and Telehealth are terms used to describe different types of support. However, the Scottish Government is committed to moving towards greater integration of Telecare and Telehealth solutions. Doing so will provide a Whole System approach to providing care whether the identified need is social, medical or both. ‘Telehealthcare’ is the new accepted term to describe either, or a mixture of both solutions.”

Would it be ungracious also to note that Para 6.3.3 says “The main equipment supplier currently used in Moray is Tunstall Ltd”? My original point made, I think.

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  1. “Telehealthcare”
    Re Ed’s comment to Para 6.3.3 as to original point made. I think not – this paragraph merely states a point of fact not any sort of affinity which is the assumption made by the original ‘point’ made in the previous article.

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