GSMA Mobile World Congress: mHealth etc.

“mHealth was clearly the biggest cross industry topic on the conference…Interesting that most of the mHealth solutions where not smartphone centered but made use of a specific device…Home monitoring has been another interesting cross industry area which caught a lot of attention during the week.” Read the whole report from Research2Guidance: GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Impact on the app market.

1 thought on “GSMA Mobile World Congress: mHealth etc.

  1. That doesn’t sound like the Mobile World Congress I attended. Despite the mHealth sessions, a few stands in the most distant hall and some very low key demonstrations in the embedded home, mHealth was very poorly represented. What was there was mostly pushing bits of hardware, with no real concept of how you might tie them together into a service.

    Signove had a nice demo of connecting Continua compliant devices using Meego, but with the Nokia / Windows announcement, that might prove to be a blind alley, although it’s nice to see a working Linux stack. The UK Trade Delegation ran a couple of useful connected health seminars and demonstrated some interesting government funded end-to end assisted living applications, although both are pre-market. Have a look at and And there was a very neat heart monitor from Epi life But outside that there was little evidence that the mobile industry has moved past the marketing rhetoric.

    (I’m one of the partners on the Totalcare project, so may be slightly biased on that particular link.)

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