MIT's New Media Medicine

Eds. Donna and Steve have covered various initiatives out of MIT in both healthcare technology and thinking about the needs of older adults. Now the Media Lab has a bevy of healthcare initiatives–New Media Medicine–which are presented on one descriptive page, with links to each project’s web page/s. The ‘statement of purpose’ is a bit over the top–‘We are pioneering new media technologies that will enable radical new collaborations between doctors, patients and communities, to catalyze a revolution in human health.’–but those behind these projects don’t have time to ‘Occupy’ anything:

Awaken–researching sleep quality factors and behaviors

CollaboRhythm–a platform that puts the patient at the center of their own healthcare, promotes communication with their own doctors, self-monitoring and education. [TA 21 May 2010]

Collective Discovery–leverages the information created by patient communities to real data

ForgetAboutIT?–supports medication compliance through cell phones, TV and more, connected to a provider workstation

I’m Listening–system for conducting patient pre-visit interviews

IDA: Inexpensive Networked Digital Stethoscope–a digital stethoscope that can be connected to the Internet for streaming the physiological data to remote clinicians. Designed to be fabricated anywhere in the world with minimal equipment, it can be operated by individuals without medical training.

LAMsight Disease Community–a practical experiment in creating new models for collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and patients, collaborating on research for the rare disease LAM (Lymphangioleiomyomatosis).

Oovit PT–build an end-to-end virtual rehabilitation system for supporting patient adherence to home exercise

MIT New Media Medicine website