Microwaves could replace electrodes for monitoring vital signs

Pointer to the future item: scientists at Kyushu University in Japan have developed a method of remotely measuring vital signs using microwaves. This means that people would be free to move around as they were being monitored, or in some applications, would not even know that it was happening. Gizmag item.

2 thoughts on “Microwaves could replace electrodes for monitoring vital signs

  1. Microwave monitoring

    The U.S. military were developing this type of technology nearly 20 years ago with a view to identifying that soldiers were still alive on a battlefield before committing resources to rescue them.

    Although a version for domestic use would need to use far less power, I suspect that the thought of deliberately irradiating someone with non-ionising radiation would raise panic and concern amongst many members of the public. Despite a lack of evidence to support claims that mobile phones are a health risk, few people relish the thought of living close to a mast. My guess is that any commercial prospects for using transmissions of microwave technology in the home environment would be killed by the first claim that it has caused someone to develop a tumour. The reality is that it takes a lot more to overcome public fears than it does to prove scientifically that something is safe.

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