Xbox Kinect for healthcare?

FierceMobileHealthcare’s Neil Versel muses on the healthcare uses of the Xbox Kinect, the new motion/voice controller for the Xbox gaming system. [Follow above link to ‘see’ what it is.] It eliminates the handheld controller and step platform–a camera follows you around the room, translates body movements into actions on a TV screen, enables video chats and conferencing.  Thus Neil and others speculate: Wii-style fitness, guided rehabilitation/physical therapy, diagnostics (doctors can review tests without touching a screen, thus minimizing germ/viral transmission).

This editor [Donna] can see many more cool uses for older people, those with TBI, MCI, Alzheimers or dementia because of the ability to manipulate the images: guided demonstrations/simulations for self-testing devices, stroke rehabilitation, interactive games and fitness for mental stimulation and spatial retraining, virtual family visits with interaction. [Yes, the other comentators have not scratched the surface yet… fall detection, anyone?… Steve] Hype?  In stores 4 Nov, in time for the holidays.  Editor’s Corner (Versel)ZD Net ‘Pondering 6 Business Uses’ (Larry Dignan)