mHealth (r)evolving through the chaos

Just as in the early days of home computing, the world of wireless and mobile health (mHealth) is full of small and large players trying to get their products noticed and adopted as the dominant technology. They are having to bet their futures on the outcomes of many wider issues, such as the regulation of wireless devices and the acceptance of them by consumers and health professionals. Time will tell, of course, but at the moment a healthy chaos reigns.

So it is interesting to read the perceptions of three industry thought-leaders set out in an article that, by means of its question and answer format, helpfully structures the issues. And what Eric J Topol, Darrel Drinan and Paul Sonnier have to say in The mHealth Revolution (PDF 4 pages, 1.9MB), an article just published in the Rady School of Management Business Journal for 2010 may help clarify your thinking.