Humana's model–a hope for remote monitoring integration?

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Humana, the fourth largest US insurer, is rolling out in January Humana Cares Chronic Condition Management, which will integrate home safety, prevention, self-management with personal support and (drumroll) ‘a variety of remote bio-metric monitoring devices in the member’s home’. What is hopeful about this is the program’s size; it will serve 60,000 commercial health plan and Medicare Advantage members. And it is labor intensive:  Humana is adding 270 staff to handle telephones, field and community health management.  Is Humana working out an answer to the Four Big Questions?  Release (FierceHealthcare)


  1. Dov

    Four Big Questions

    Hi, This may be a really dumb question but what are the four big questions?

    [Ed. Donna:  Here there are no dumb questions!  What I call the Four Big Questions (or FBQs), as they pertain to eHealth especially in the US, are:  who will pay for the technology; what rate will they pay; where does the data go, and who takes action. Short form:  who pays, how much, who sees/tracks data, who actions data.  A system like Humana seems to touch all four bases, with some procedural questions on how they are accomplishing the last two.]