Vitality GlowCaps' busy year in video

What a small but focused telehealth company can do in one year.  Vitality, which developed and markets GlowCap medication reminders, reviewed their very busy year on video (on Vimeo) rather than going ‘old school’ press release or annual report.  Among the highlights:  their testing of USB vs. ethernet, and going with the latter now being sold on Amazon; testing with Duke and Harvard Universities that is indicating a 90% medication adherence rate, their pending deals with four pharma companies; development of a new cap with a reminder readout and a ‘push to refill’ button that notifies the pharmacy; a possible retail pharmacy deal and more.  The video presents it all in a modest, upbeat, informative, personal and altogether entertaining way.  Read more on Mobihealthnews or watch the video here. (3 min. 25 sec., great music too)


2 thoughts on “Vitality GlowCaps' busy year in video

  1. Vitality GlowCaps

    Impressive products hitting a burning need = a marketer’s dream. AND the video is a nicely balanced marketing message.

    I wonder who owns all that incredibly valuable adherence data? It just needs linking to health records to monitor the outcomes and bingo! you have realtime studies of pharma effectiveness.

  2. Vitality Glow caps needs improvement
    Nice idea but needs work- Need one bottle/cap per medication type- so 4-5 for a complex patient! Delivers one reminder per day- so how does one handle multiple doses per day? Older patients don’t necessarily have broadband and so they can’t use this product. Reports arrive weekly not in real time to prevent missed doses.

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