Medication reminders by email and text (US)

‘Medication reminders’ caught my attention, of course, but the RememberItNow website is rather more than that. Users, their carers and even their health professionals can create a personal supportive community online. There are free accounts and two monthly subscription levels through which people can receive reminders by email or text. For the older people who may need this service it’s the two latter parts of the communication chain which are the weak points. People who need the service are unlikely to be monitoring a computer all day and may also be finding it hard to manage a mobile phone on which to recieve the texts. Perhaps automated voice reminders to landlines are in the pipeline. [If not, I know someone who may be able to help.] The RememberItNow website is an object lesson in a smooth, easy-to-use site and, if the user-side of the system is as good, the executive team may have a winner on their hands.