Extraordinary story: Medical Care Technologies heading for China

“London-based” Medical Care Technologies Inc. (unknown on the UK scene and with a company contact that is a Florida-based consultancy…with no clients listed on the clients page of their website…) is now in discussions with officials in China with a view to providing telehealth clinics there. See the press release. And what technologies do they propose to use in these clinics? It appears to include mobile video conferencing, remote patient monitoring and electronic health records. Whose, is not clear. Products page.

UPDATE: An article from ZDNet throws light on how and why this company has come out of nowhere. This is a MUST READ for anyone running a company in the telehealth field.

1 thought on “Extraordinary story: Medical Care Technologies heading for China

  1. A short strange trip indeed

    Take a London-based, but publicly traded company on that shady part of the US exchanges known as the OTC Bulletin Boards. They are supposedly in one line of business, but uses its stock to buy an unknown company in business in another country, China, not known for its transparent business practices, but is known for intrusive government involvement in health, business and personal matters. London CEO exits, Canadian based CEO (who may be a Chinese national) enters and the magic happens. The company immediately exits old and sketchy line of business, goes into a new line of business in healthcare, suddenly has all these nifty products in telehealth (GPS tracking for dementia, glucose monitoring–China has no pesky FDA), pharmacy service, supplements and networks of clinics all announced in a handful of days. Financing appears but only $100K.

    The multiplication of loaves and fishes for the multitudes near the River Jordan was a miracle…but this isn’t one of them. Smoke and mirrors time. . Someone is making money somewhere, but it is not the public shareholders.  Even below 40 cents a share, I wouldn’t run out and buy this stock

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