'Medical alarm necklaces' – the people debate (US)

However slightly depressing the UK’s mainstream telecare (see item Introducing Worcestershire TeleCare – A guide for Customers) a discussion like the following reminds one that the UK is streets ahead of the US when it comes to the availability of user-oriented technology and appropriate response. However, careful reading of the discussion will be a source of information for suppliers about the state of the market and the language that people in the US use to describe what they are looking for… life alert; medical alarm necklace; life phone; medical alarm systems; alert system; medical alert bracelets/necklaces; lifeline system; elderly panic button. The discussion also raises big issues about appropriate response to button presses in the US. “Life Alert” medical alarm necklace that doesn’t call 911 without explicit permission??

1 thought on “'Medical alarm necklaces' – the people debate (US)

  1. A number of tele care services in N America are offered by home security companies and they often resort directly to 911 in case of emergencies. I am surprised by the discussion where, on quick review, I failed to see any mention of Lifeline which has some 77,000 clients in the US and which does not instigate a 911 response unless necessary and certainly complies with clients’ wishes.

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