MedApps now Alere Connect

Our original article on the acquisition of MedApps by Alere left the open question of what would become of the original MedApps group and operation. Editor Donna has received a follow up in quite an interesting fashion. I received a LinkedIn email update this morning with a change in Kent Dicks’ personal profile, placing him as CEO of a new organization, Alere Connect, in Arizona (where MedApps is located). Further checking in the usual places did not turn up (as of 9am EDT) other articles expanding on this or an Alere press release formally announcing the new entity. (MedApps’ website is still up ‘as is’ and there appears to be no ‘Alere Connect’ website.) This is modest indeed as announcements go, but as stated in our article on the acquisition [TA 17 Aug], this seems to be the good news those of us who’ve observed MedApps over the years have wished for. Watch this space for further developments.