Medical Alarm Concepts new 2-way pendant

Just drawn to my attention: US company Medical Alarm Concepts has developed a pendant alarm with two-way voice communication. In addition, I understand that they are planning to have licensed Emergency Medical Technicians at their call center to handle emergency situations. Medical Alarm Concepts website.

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  1. Medical Alarms
    I think Medical Alarm Concepts is on to something. Apparently it is the ONLY medical alarm that allows the user to speak and listen directly through the pendant. I am going to get one for my mom, I love the idea

  2. Not the only 2-way pendant
    It’s not the ONLY one. Logicmark introduced one (without monthly fees) in the US in March 2009. See here.

    And Telemedcare introduced one in the UK in March 2008. See this item.

  3. 2 way pendant
    I would be interested to see the 2 way pendants datasheet and what their testing for battery life shows. Is this another charge as you go pendant?

  4. The problem with pendants

    While 60% of social alarm users don’t carry their pendants with them around the house at all times, a more sophisticated pendant is not going to help. The person who always remembers to carry it probably doesn’t need it anyway – they are also likely to have a mobile phone in their pocket for emergencies, at home or on the move.

    Surely we in the UK have moved beyond this phase of pendant technology and can claim to have in place more smart, decision-making sensors than any other country in the world. The technology isn’t the problem. The challenge is ensuring that the assessment is good and holistic, the prescription is not limited by cost and lack of training, and the response to the alarm is appropriate to that individual, at that time and for that problem.

  5. Pendants

    I agree, we in the UK have moved on from pendants, but I do believe one solution does not fit all. Sensors for within the home will certainly support the individual, while GPS/GSM technology will support the user while outside and on the move.

    Working with SafelinQ, you are able to have the peace of mind that your mobile device will help you in a dircet emergecy by calling our partner’s 24/7 alarm center at Aid Call while sending the locational information, as well as if the user has a fall for any reason a fall alarm is also sent to Aid Call’s monitoring center for instant help. I guess its also taking into account the user, not all users will want a pendant, or sensors in the home or a mobile device, it a matter of ensuring the choice is there.

  6. Pendant w/ speakers
    This isn’t going to work. The battery life will be atrocious.
    It’s been tried.

  7. Mobile Pendant
    It will and does work. its all about the technology and power management.The trouble has been too many companies taking off the shelf products without understanding the full complexity of a device. As SafelinQ has spent much time and money working with leading organizations to ensure the mobile unit does do what we say. Again you have to look at each individual user to provide the right solution, but battery life should be a thing of the past, and as mobile GPS solution now become internal, users can look to one solution, providing then with more freedom, peace of mind and comfort.

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