Sleepless sensors

Sensor-based monitoring from the M2M perspective. This article is the first news in quite a while from Healthsense, a remote behavioral telecare system used in US assisted living and home care.  Healthsense, like WellAWARE, has moved into basing the person’s everyday behavior norms on algorithms rather than rules, which for years was unique to QuietCare, and has also moved into vital signs connectivity with telehealth devices such as blood pressure. It’s Wi-Fi based and not the Continua Alliance standard of low power ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy, but Wi-Fi has the advantage of being already in place in nursing homes and hospitals.  Aeroscout, a company new to this editor, adds sensors and monitoring/tracking systems to existing networks to monitor temperatures in critical items such as lab refrigerators.  (An idea for startups?)  The St. Jude Medical remote monitoring pacemaker (Telecare Aware, 2 October) and the recent ABI Research projection of $950 million in global revenue for the industry in 2014 are also discussed.  M2M Magazine