LTC survey not encouraging to telecare providers (US)

Ziegler, a specialty investment bank with major interests in non-profit senior living and healthcare, regularly sounds out selected senior living organizations on financial issues through their CFO Hotline email survey. Three questions on this survey to 81 LTC were submitted by LeadingAge CAST, the technology development arm of the US association of aging services organizations. The results are encouraging if you are wiring buildings for high-speed internet, providing EHR/EMRs to a resident/patient population, managing wandering through technology or are a PERS provider; somewhat for the future if you are in telehealth/remote patient monitoring, brain health or are a video conferencing provider, and not at all if you are telecare (sensor-based behavioral monitoring), which is in the ‘other’ category in current and future spending. Where are LTPAC Providers Spending their Technology Dollars? and Technology survey charts.