Lothian: more on Intel/Tunstall telehealth project

a) the care they take to mention that “Intel is also currently working with other leading market channel partners [i.e. other than Tunstall – although no other company has yet put its head over the parapet] to bring the Intel Health Guide to PCTs and other healthcare organisations across the UK” and b) the ‘small print’ at the very end of the press release which, someone should point out, actually means that although the Intel Health Guide needs broadband to transmit its monitoring data, it is not a web-based system, but needs a separate server to be maintained by the purchasing organisation.

There is nothing particularly striking in the Lothian press release. What would have been really interesting to know, for example, would have been who is funding the broadband connection to the homes of the 400 patients for the study, and will they be charged if they want to use it for other purposes?

Intel press release.

Lothian press release.