Location-alerting injection pens for diabetics

Allerayde, a UK company that provides products for people suffering from allergies recently won a prize in a competition for companies that make products that will make use of the Galileo satellite positioning system. It was for an ‘”auto-injector’ pen that provides adrenaline or epinephrine for diabetics who experience anaphylactic shock.

According to this BBC News report (scroll to bottom), “When the pen-shaped injectors are used, patients should seek medical attention to prevent further complications from the shock. The new idea is to fit the pens with sat-nav electronics that, when used, alert a local “angel centre” of the user’s location via a mobile phone network.”

Visitors to the company’s website looking for more information are asked to sign up for a mailing list for more information.

It’s a pity that a technology-oriented company has a website whose main navigation menu fails for visitors using anything other than the Internet Explorer browser. They will be losing sales.