Life-changing healthcare technology (UK)

An excellent item by Victoria Lambert in the UK’s national paper The Telegraph combines detailed quotes from an interview with a participant in Cornwall’s Whole System Demonstrator project with some wider views on the current context and views on the future of telehealth. “The community nurses involved in the trial are equally impressed. Marie Hudson and Martin Roberts, both community matrons, are used to helping patients manage long-term conditions. Both were initially apprehensive. “We know that face-to-face contact inspires confidence in the patients, and I wasn’t sure how this could be replaced,” says Martin. “I thought my clinical decisions were more important than a piece of technology.””

It’s a nice change from articles that just revamp someone’s press release [like this one, perhaps, which tries to cover much the same ground]. The only downpoint is that she refers to it as ‘assistive technology’ [sigh]. Life-changing healthcare technology.