Kaiser study finds 50% improvement in healthy hypertension control

A Kaiser Permanente study in Colorado with hypertensive patients, using home monitoring and reporting versus a control group with doctor office visits, were50 percent more likely to have their blood pressure controlled to healthy levels compared to the control group after six months.  The home monitoring group used an at-home blood pressure monitor that uploaded data to Microsoft HealthVault and to Kaiser Permanente’s electronic disease registry. Kaiser Permanente’s clinical pharmacists used the computerized registry to monitor readings and consulted with patients to adjust their antihypertensive medications based on proven protocols. Via HealthVault, patients were able to manage their data using the American Heart Association’s Heart360 online tool.  So what we have here is both self-tracking and intervention.  What’s not noted is the telehealth device Kaiser/Microsoft used to transmit the data from the blood pressure monitor to HealthVault.  Hmmm…..   Release.

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  1. Other devices
    Would be interesting to see a trial also including non pharmacological devices such as Resperate and how that compares to traditional big money making methods.

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