Jitterbug markets an iPhone app (US)

Yes, you are reading correctly. For a company rather heavily invested in its own (Samsung) simplified cell phones, it’s surprising that GreatCall, the parent of the Jitterbug, has released an easy to use iPhone app, the MedCoach. Medication, refill reminders–‘Shake for help’ for assistance with the app–and more. Does this mean an end to the relationship that GreatCall has built with Samsung phones, which took $100 million in investment before it went profitable? The 3G Doctor blog, mHealth Insight, wonders and speculates on what simple ‘Fisher-Price’-esque products should come out of GreatCall. Article.

5 thoughts on “Jitterbug markets an iPhone app (US)

  1. This announcement may be a little premature. As of July 7 there is no sign of MedCoach on the iTunes app store.

  2. Most certainly have David – daily and it is still not there so far as I can tell.

  3. Trevor,

    Thanks for that.

    As you state the press release seems quite premature if this is the case.

    I’ve sent an email to GreatCall CEO David Inns and will update the post here with my findings. Maybe it’s called something else etc.

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