iSOFT and Medic4all new telehealth service (EU)

UK company iSOFT (now part of the Australian IBA Health Group) has linked up with Swiss telehealth device company Medic4all to offer a complete telehealth service, with the intention of linking Medic4all’s devices to iSOFT’s hospital information management systems. iSOFT has a widespread presence in UK hospitals in particular. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the new venture to acquire real customers. E-Health Insider report.

1 thought on “iSOFT and Medic4all new telehealth service (EU)

  1. What? (iSOFT and Medic4all)

    I like the quote from iSOFT company director … “As Lorenzo becomes more available, it can be built in over the top to absorb the data.”

    What does ‘more available’ mean? Is that ready for market? If so, I understand the comment.

    And what in the world does ‘built in over the top to absorb the data’ mean. This is being billed as an existing ‘end-to-end’ solution. So, what do we have now – clever Dick Tracy watches that feed a powerpoint presentation?

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