Epocrates differs with iPad naysayers

Epocrates begs to differ with Software Advice’s survey (below) on the iPad.  Their survey, taken a few days after the announcement, says that over 20% of physicians from their survey group of 350 are highly interested in purchasing the iPad, with 9% wanting to buy immediately (average early adopters) and 13% wanting to buy within the year.  38% are interested but need more information.  If you add it all up it’s a ‘soft’ 60%.  And Epocrates has a vested interest in iEverything; their apps are popular with physicians for the iPod and iPhone, and they are optimizing their clinical reference application for the iPad.  Release on MobiHealthNews. 

[Updated 9 Feb:  the iPad for healthcare continues to be blog fodder for advice to Steve Jobs and reimaginings.  These 10 Commandments of Success for the iPad in Healthcare from the InnovationThrives blog adds a few ‘thou shalts’, like opening healthcare to an older demographic, being low cost, reducing health care spend and transforming the waiting room into a place of efficiency (!).]