Intamac and D-Link demonstrate new generation home monitoring solutions

D-Link is a dominant market participant and price/performance leader in the networking and communications market and Intamac Systems is a market leader in the integration and networking of devices within the connected home. So what are they up to in the telecare/telehealth field? The D-Link products are supported by Intamac’s intelligent cloud-based platform to provide home security, energy management, home automation, video and telecare solutions. Are you any the wiser? Nor me, even after reading their press release.

2 thoughts on “Intamac and D-Link demonstrate new generation home monitoring solutions

  1. Understanding

    Yes – I understand it.

    I use Home Automation in my house and monitor it with local software. I can dial in and access the systems and RDP into the software.

    This is simply moving the control software to a cloud based solution to make remote access easier. We are looking at similar things for monitoring vulnerable people in their own homes.

    Ian Ireland
    Governance and Care Systems Director

  2. Intamac and D-Link: a light glimmers!


    That is truly helpful. With your explanation in mind I was able to start to decode their abysmal press release and spot that the key sentence in it is “Consumers want to be able to control all appliances and services in their homes, from wherever they are and from their fixed and mobile devices.”

    Thanks, Steve

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