Insight into UK's health and social care divide

Further evidence that the Department of Health has lost its grip on telecare policy in a report of Phil Hope’s Tunstall-hosted visit to Yorkshire, reprinted from local sources by TheMobileHealthCrowd. “Telecare could prevent 160,000 people from entering residential care per year…” sounds like a strange conflation with the 2006/08 ‘expectation’ by the Treasury that 160,000 would benefit from the Preventative Technology Grant.

1 thought on “Insight into UK's health and social care divide

  1. Phil Hope’s responses
    I found Phil Hope’s responses to the questions asked very disappointing. In fact he didn’t really answer plainly any of the questions that were asked. What is the point of offering these on-line consultations if all you are going to do is respond with a “party-line” to all of the questions asked, whatever their substance? Its a pity because it brings the on-line consulting process into the same disrepute as “interviews” with Politicians.

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