The increase in telecare (UK)

In a blog piece reacting to the UK Government’s plans to shift responsibility for commissioning health services to GPs, Guy Dewsbury raises the question of where will leadership come from to promote the benefits of telecare and telehealth? “…how can the profile of telecare be raised to such an extent that GPs will actually begin to take a message on board that they have resisted for the last five years?” The increase in telecare.

1 thought on “The increase in telecare (UK)

  1. General Practitioners rule, OK!

    Having collaborated with GPs over the last 2 years to advise on product development, I disagree totally with Guy on this matter. My team of GPs have resisted adopting many of the supposed benefits of telecare and telehealth because of the dismally inadequate offerings: Gimmicky, single point solutions; rebadged dated technology; dependence on broadband, or the internet or on the technical competence or computer literacy of the patient, practitioner and practice; intensive; expensive; not real time, etc, etc.

    They see the need for technology and want to use it and resignedly sign up to laughable solutions because that is all there is. Sorry, Guy it’s the providers who are lacking, not the GPs.

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