Humana wraps up telehealth study (US)

Back when the flowers were in bloom [3 April], we reported on Humana’s home care unit, Humana Cares, partnering with Virginia-based telehealth management services Trapollo for a CHF test using the Intel-GE Care Innovations Guide starting in January. Now that the flowers are wilting in mid-summer heat, the pilot is a wrap. It condensed slightly to 1,000 individuals across 34 states, and according to Humana’s spokesperson, the subjects are objecting to the units’ removal since they will miss the usually daily two-way video with the nurse and feedback on their condition. But miss it they will nonetheless, while Humana weighs a possible substitute–an unfortunate by-product of any pilot. (Mention of Trapollo has also gone missing.) Right now Humana is awaiting three months of insurance data (a little slow for an insurance company) before projecting any savings, but CHF has always looked promising for ‘right place, right time’ delivery of care. For instance, Stanford University’s test of Bosch Health Buddy indicated 7-13% savings per patient per quarter. Humana promises numbers will show power of telehealth (Healthcare IT News)