Housing LIN 'Assisted Living Technology' papers for housing providers (UK)

The well-respected Housing Learning Improvement Network has produced two variants of four-page papers for senior people in housing organisations, apparently authored by housing consultant Nigel Appleton who has a long history of interest in telecare technologies. The documents offer a self-diagnostic tool by means of a series of questions that organisations can ask themselves and map their answers against a range of typical responses that will help identify areas for improvement.

Both documents can be downloaded from the following Tunstall web page which lists 11 Tunstall-funded reports published recently.

1 thought on “Housing LIN 'Assisted Living Technology' papers for housing providers (UK)

  1. Does it tell me, if I were a general housing provider, why I should invest it Telecare?

    I think the quotes on page 3 are misleading. Supported housing is not general housing; has Riverside invested or are they just utilising service provision from others and is a council worker the best one to make the point to the private sector about investing?

    It appears to me to be another attempt at selling a product to a quiet area of the market using dubiously relevant evidence. Dubious as in it is relevant to other sectors such as health and social care but not to a private general housing provider.

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