Hospital apps: health info not that compelling

Surprised? CPM Healthcare, a Wisconsin-based marketing agency that specializes in hospital and physician marketing, surveyed thousands of consumers and found what they really want in hospital apps is the most urgent: compliance-related apps such as med and appointment reminders and post-discharge instructions; emergency help and guidance, for instance to the nearest ER (ED, A&E). General health info came in a distant third, which corresponds to the recent Pew Institute research [TA 13 May] of only 17% using smartphones to look up information. The least effective? According to James Hallack of CPM, “Too many hospitals are just taking information from their websites and putting it into an app” then also using the apps to market generic hospital services. FierceMobileHealthcare

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  1. The trick is infusing that general health info into the compliance related applications in a compelling way. People crave [i]relevant[/i], [i]nuanced[/i] information to keep them on track.

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