Honeywell Hommed and eDevice Expand Connectivity Solutions for Telehealth

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Something’s happening over at the Honeywell homestead. I know because they have issued a press release about it. Quite what it is, I [Ed.Steve] am still mystified, despite reading the release numerous times. I think the clue is in this phrase “expansion of its partnership with eDevice…The new bundle will further increase the benefits of telehealth monitoring for patients and healthcare providers by offering greater access to health information utilizing existing network coverage at the patient’s location.” My emphasis. And in practice that means…? I even turned to the cartoon attached to the release for enlightenment, but it didn’t come…

hommed cartoon


  1. Sam Daley

    Honeywell Hommed and eDevice Expand Connectivity Solutions
    it is an interesting way to get around Phone line limitations- a POTS to GSM converter box form Edevice. Hopefully they filed with with FDA as an accessoryt device for a Class II product.