HomeCall buys into £1m Tunstall equipment upgrade

HomeCall, the telecare division of Coast and Country Housing, has completed a two-year £1 million upgrade to the Tunstall equipment in people’s homes and in its call centre.

According to the press release the upgrade increases the reliability of the data and response [what are the reliability issues for services that do not upgrade?], increases the call centre’s capacity, and pre-empts potential problems with BT’s forthcoming BT21CN digital switchover. It will also help them introduce innovative services. Press release. (PDF)

Telecare Aware readers are always interested in innovative services and will look forward to hearing about them.

2 thoughts on “HomeCall buys into £1m Tunstall equipment upgrade

  1. Tunstall

    I think Tunstall’s equipment is very good, But I wish they would look into the possibility of combining the standalone products with a smart home system, for example TNX, in order for the products and alarms to be integrated and “speak and act together”.

    That would greatly enhance the quality and over time, reduce the cost of reprogramming, refitting and adapting to changes in needs of the users.

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