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  1. Finally, recognition that daily “contact” is important

    Quoted from the inside housing article:

    “She said the organisation had written to residents to inform them that a ‘full service’ continued to be provided, which includes daily calls from telecare service Lifeline”

    This is quite a breakthrough. Recognition that for many people daily contact is essential. The fact is as many as 50% of pendant alarm users do not wear their pendants and many people go more than 24 hours without reliable outside contact. Making outbound reassurance calls to tenants is a step in the right direction, but the tenant then has no control over the level of contact they need and it can become stressful for them. People can worry about “missing their call”. It’s also a struggle to manage effectively because people are often not available to answer a call. Safety Confirmation can be used to have contact with thousands of tenants as often as twice a day, putting the tenant in control at all times. The tenant can even confirm their well being without having to talk to anyone if they wish. Safety Confirmation can even be used to remind people with pendants to put them on and help them establish that as a routine.

    Take a look at http://www.alertacall.com

    James Batchelor

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