$8.1 million gift for telecare project in rural communities (US)

Telecare hasn’t made major news in awhile, but this news is about a big and positive bet on it.  The Helmsley Charitable Trust (yes, the late Leona and Harry) granted $8.1 million over the next three years to the Good Samaritan Society (GSS) for the LivingWell@Home project.  The in-home sensors are WellAWARE’s (a GSS partner).  The study consists of 1600 older adults in 40 rural communities in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska, half of whom will receive WellAWARE and the other half a ‘traditional care’ control.  It is also designed to prove if sensor-based remote monitoring keeps people healthier and reduces health care costs, with the ultimate end to justify reimbursement by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers.  Nurses will monitor the data; one article indicates telehealth monitoring of blood pressure and other vital signs.  Argus Leader (SD), Star-Tribune (MN) articles focus on different aspects of the project.