Helmet-mountable ICEdot Crash Sensor – for falls too?

The helmet-mountable ICEdot Crash Sensor system consists of a slim sensor that can be mounted onto a cycle helmet and pairs to a smartphone via Bluetooth low energy (BLE). When the sensor detects forces consistent with an accident, the smartphone app gives the user 30 seconds to shut down a countdown clock. If this timer is not canceled, the app will then send out a notification to all the user’s nominated emergency contacts, complete with GPS coordinates. This enables a decision on whether the emergency services are required or not and prevents non-life-threatening impacts, such as dropping the helmet, from wasting the authorities’ time. Gizmag reports that it’s “not just for cyclists, the ICEdot Crash Sensor is aimed at snowboarders, skiers, mountain-bikers, or really anyone participating in risky activities” Such is the focus of the young <sigh>. Helmet-mountable ICEdot Crash Sensor calls for help if you can’t.

1 thought on “Helmet-mountable ICEdot Crash Sensor – for falls too?

  1. No issue with the focus on the young, these ‘sexier’ mass markets help drive the development of technologies that will in time become cheaper/more robust and suitable for deployment in the wider telehealth / telecare markets. One of my favourites at the moment is the ‘invisible’ bike helmet. Something I’d wear myself because I don’t like wearing a helmet, but do so because of the obvious risks. I look at the technology employed in this device and wonder if one day we might see a simple waist worn belt come fall detector/protector. After all protection from damage during the fall is far more desirable to merely alerting that the fall has occurred.


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