Heart rate monitoring sports bra video

A few of years ago clothing with integrated sensors were on Telecare Aware’s ‘pointer to the future’ list.*  Not any more. This video of a sports bra with built in heart rate sensor and attachable wireless transmitter shows why. Video (opens in new window). NuMetrex website. Thanks to Bart’s Twitterstream for the heads up on this item.

* See May 2006 and Nov 2006.

1 thought on “Heart rate monitoring sports bra video

  1. Have you seen this? (heart rate monitoring)
    http://www.adidas.com/uk/miCoach/ The MiCoach from Samsung uses a chestband that is compatible with any clothes. And instead of requiring a compatible watch or “machine” it just uses a conventional easy to use MusicPhone – and then it varies the music to entertain and motivate you…

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