Microsoft HealthVault reaches Canada and the UK

Microsoft’s HealthBlog announces the extension of the HealthVault to Canada and the UK, the latter in association with UK-based charity Nuffield Health, a not-for-profit owner and operator of hospitals, sports centres, health clubs, etc. Given the apparent decline of interest within Google for its health record system, this move could give the HealthVault a significant boost.

The blog item, The British are Coming…………to HealthVault, attributed to Microsoft’s worldwide health senior director Bill Crounse, expounds on the view that through uptake of the HealthVault “the NSH [sic] could save up to £five billion a year.” [You’d think that, with Microsoft’s resources, they could ensure that the announcement was made less sloppily and they wouldn’t need to illustrate the item with a flag image that has apparently been lifted from a Google Images search.]

Much better is the item attributed to John Coulthard, Senior Director Healthcare and Life Sciences Putting Citizens in Charge of their Health, which also has an explanatory video. HealthVault website if you want to join up.