Telehealth being 'levered' by healthcare reform?

More Intel:  Eric Dishman blogs about President Obama’s CTO, Aneesh Chopra, and his presentation to a FCC (Federal Communications Commission) workshop on telehealth as key to healthcare reform goals, originally reported in Communications Daily. The venue is curious for a discussion of healthcare IT and telehealth (or “telemedicine”, per Mr Chopra), as the FCC’s portfolio is broadcasting and telecom regulation. Mr Dishman applaudes Mr Chopra for “get(ing) the telehealth/personal health vision“, and is cheered by the quote  “Rest assured healthcare IT will include telemedicine….We are going to apply all levers to drive innovation in this space.” While we can agree with Dishman’s goals to get technology in the community and “turn healthcare reform into a positive, global growth opportunity for the country…while getting our own healthcare house in order…by moving care to the home” , one wonders about the government applying those “levers”, what they will cost, who gets what piece of the $150 billion investment in R&D, and the inevitable strings that will be attached.