Health Net Connect launches VideoDoc service

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According to the press release, Health Net Connect’s VideoDoc is the world’s most significant development in telemedicine/remote patient monitoring ever. Unfortunately, unsubstantiated claims (“first of its kind, fully comprehensive telemedicine solution”) and other hype undermine their case. Which is not to say that it is not significant, it’s just difficult to tell. Editor Steve isn’t even sure in which countries the service is offered. Health Net Connect Launches VideoDoc from Today’s Medical Developments (TMD).


  1. Steve,

    Your such a pessimist!

    I think Corky Davis has had the eureka moment the Healthcare industry has been waiting 100’s of years for:

    Doctors need to be able to “view real-time vitals and visual condition” before they can “allows for true un-matched care”.

  2. How about mismatched care? One condition at a time? :-x

    And to think that there is no company boilerplate (description), website link or contact information to close this obvious press release!

  3. John Shanahan

    I don’t know guys -there could be people in Darfur waiting to get the latest “medical innovations” from New York based physicians- Nah probably not, so these giddy entrepreneurs will have to settle for “potentially saving hospitals billions of dollars”
    We miss you Jay Leno!