Health app adoption increasing–or not–even the bogus

media coverage as a two-edged sword is right here at the Washington Post focusing on dubious, possibly dangerous ‘health apps’ for sale in the iTunes and Google Play stores. The New England Center for Investigative Reporting examined 1,500 apps and found that 20% claimed to treat health conditions, using everything from cell phone light, sound and vibrations–and all were bogus. Others attempt to gauge readiness for exercise using single measures, such as heart rate, and can be misused. While there are websites which review and rate apps, such as iMedicalApps, and Happtique is in the midst of what will be a long-term project to certify apps, it’s still the Wild West out there. Many health apps are based on flimsy science at best… Also ‘Hucksters’ peddle fraudulent healthcare apps with little repercussion (FierceMobileHealthcare)