Happtique finalizes app certification guidelines, readies mRx (US)

It is moving right along at Happtique, the online mHealth application ‘store’ backed by GNYHA Ventures. The first is the upcoming release of compiled comments on its 15 pages of health app certification guidelines released in July [TA 18 July]. According to their CEO Ben Chodor in MedCityNews, most of these comments are requests for clarification rather than concerns with the criteria, which center around operability, privacy, security, and content. The launch of the certification program is on schedule for the end of this year. The second is that recruitment for mRx, its app prescription program through physicians [TA 28 August], has been progressing well against an ambitious target of 500 doctors by the end of September. In the 45-day pilot, they will be evaluating the process, how many patients download the prescribed app(s) and what effect it has on their adherence and interaction with the physician in five wellness areas: cardiology, rheumatology, endocrinology, orthopedics, physical therapy, and fitness training. A six to eight-month clinical trial may follow. As mobile health firm recruits for pilot prescription program, it prepares for certification program launch (MedCityNews)