Cardio doc in poc (when you need one?)

Here’s a ‘doc in poc’ smartphone that is primarily designed for self-monitoring of cardiovascular conditions, but is also a fully featured smartphone. The H’andy sana 210 can send readings direct to a doctor or hospital, or store data via their ‘health suite’ which one can presume is a secure server.   It takes electrocardiograms (ECG) directly on the phone:  press two fingers on the phone’s edges for 30 seconds for the phone to pick up, record and save their ECG reading. Other data such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose has to be manually entered (no interface with devices).  For ECG, it has an emergency service which analyzes data in 2-3 minutes.  It won’t be available in the US for now (GSM service), but is scheduled to debut in UK and Germany in August, with European rollout through November.  Independent (UK), Smartphone may keep the cardiologist away.  [Ed. Note:  Interesting as I’d think you’d want one on call when you need one!–Donna]

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