GrandCare introduces HomeBase, VRI partnership

eeebox-gcwhiz-calendar side cWhither telecare?  At the cutting edge, it’s more and more comprehensive.  In GrandCare’s new HomeBase system, we see converging telecare, telehealth and even ‘social connectedness’ for older people at home.  Like its high-end Trillium system (depicted in the New York Times article above), HomeBase incorporates an interactive touch screen system for messaging, two-way video, calendar reminders, pictures, music, weather and news.  With a new OS (based on the Asus eee Top), the monitor is thinner and lighter, is wirelessly connected to broadband and includes a video camera.  It also incorporates telehealth services and monitoring from new partner VRI.  This partnership was aided by AgeTek, which is a cooperative alliance of products and services mainly from smaller companies in the eHealth-for-older-adults field.  The pricing is also targeted to the home market; while not inexpensive, it’s considerably less than the Trillium and in the range of a higher-end computer setup (which in a sense it is) at $1995 (plus installation and monthly fee).   HomeBase release(PDF)  GrandCare/VRI release