Google patronises older people

And we don’t mean ‘patronise’ as in supporting their cause. Yes, it’s a good idea to help older people have an online social life and any telehealth provider with the ability to incorporate the means to do so into their system should be thinking about doing so. So…the kiddies at Google commissioned a short video Grandmother’s Guide to Video Chat to show ‘them’ how to set it up. Good intention, condescending execution. Hey Grandma! Watch this video. (1min 45sec)

2 thoughts on “Google patronises older people

  1. Google video chat–Condescending for any age!
    I’m sure the nerds with spiky hair, oblong glasses and multiple piercings thought this video was cuter than lace pants, but it manages to sound confusing, snarky, smirky and condescending all at the same time. Of course only the benighted, non-tech-hip ‘grandmas’ would need the explanation. If that wasn’t your objective (maybe it was to explain what one needs to enable video chat), you missed the target by a mile.  Hey Google, maybe your marketing staff can use some adult supervision; we’ll start with Marketing 101, ‘do not insult the customer’.

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