Google Health to play a bigger part in Continua Alliance

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On Monday, Telecare Aware flagged up that the large companies comprising Dossia have joined the Continua Alliance. The implication was that by pushing for consumer-initiated change their presence will further strengthen the world-wide standard-setting role that the Alliance is carving out. On top of that, it was announced yesterday that Google Health, which has been a contributing member for some time, is going to play a more active part. [Reminder re Google Health – a video in Telecare Aware, May 2008 or put ‘Google’ in the search box above.]

According to the press release, the presence of Dossia and Google in the Alliance will “bring a depth of knowledge, breadth of resources, and unique perspective to the Alliance and will help Continua to ensure that current and future Personal Health Record/Personal Health System applications can be used across a wide array of Continua-certified devices.”

Jerry Lin, Product Manager for Google Health is reported as saying “Our work with Continua will help us continue to develop integration with various home monitoring devices to ensure that data can be uploaded from these devices and securely stored in Google Health.” [That translates as ‘Being part of Continua will help us play catch up with, and attempt to overtake, Microsoft Health Vault for direct telehealth device input.’]

First public demonstration of interoperability

The above announcement has been timed to build anticipation for the first public demonstration of interoperability by Continua members A&D Medical, Cambridge Consultants, Cypak, FitLinxx, Google Health, IBM, Intel, Nonin Medical, Oracle, Partners, Philips, Roche Diagnostics, University Health Network and the National Health Service (NHS) [! Probably about five people in the NHS will know about this.]

The demonstration will take place on October 27, 2008 at the Partners Center for Connected Health’s 5th annual Connected Health Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts and will consist of devices and software in home and professional settings that support Continua’s Version One Guidelines and share a common interface.

It is expected that audience members will see the benefits of real-time information sharing, including improved data for diagnostics and treatment, time and cost savings, and an improved patient experience.

New Executive Director in January

Chuck Parker

Finally for this bumper announcement from Continua, Charles ‘Chuck’ Parker will become the Alliance’s new Executive Director in January. He is a healthcare professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, most recently as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Masspro, a healthcare quality performance improvement organisation. Chuck will guide new initiatives for growth, financial stability and services to members, and become the public face of the Alliance.

Download the Continua Alliance’s press release. (If only to see how the official version differs from mine.)