Gil Baldwin (ex Aviva) is new Tunstall CEO

Gil Baldwin joins Tunstall from insurance giant Aviva, where he was Managing Director of the company’s Healthcare Business, Aviva Health for four years. Before that he was a senior civil servant. Tunstall press release in which the new CEO has a typical Tunstall quotation attributed to him. [What a missed opportunity to say something different. But perhaps he hasn’t been appointed to bring about change…. What would you like to ask Mr Baldwin? Leave your question in a comment and we will see if we can put them to him. Steve]

1 thought on “Gil Baldwin (ex Aviva) is new Tunstall CEO

  1. Gil, was a commander of a special forces unit (senior civil servant )… Think he WILL make changes but not the type of bloke to do his dirty washing in public! Good luck with your questions

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