Friday's forecast and research picks

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  • Global Market Telemedicine Analysis (Research and Markets): In this just-released report (so fresh that the links in the release don’t work), the US and Europe dominate telemedicine (including telehealth and telecare), Asia is directly behind, and worldwide growth is at a CAGR of around 19% during 2010-2015. The report also covers recent developments in the industry from companies such as AMD, Philips, CardioNet and Polycom. It will only set you back $1,200-1,600, depending on the version. Release. Research and Markets page (working link Wink)
  • Telemedicine: An Essential Technology for Reformed Healthcare (CSC): Using the ‘wide’ definition again of telemedicine, this report outlines advances and successes even when the pilots have not been of long duration (University of Massachusetts/Worcester Medical Center’s trial of tele-ICU lowered patient deaths by 20%). While technology has also lowered in cost, reimbursement is still a problem–and not just in the US, but also in other countries (Britain, Scotland, Australia, Norway, Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Italy and Germany). And the report, for once, is free. Link to PDF
  • Wireless Health and Fitness (ABI Research): But healthcare usage of wireless devices will lag way behind adoption for fitness in terms of growth. ABI projects that the sports, fitness and wellness market will grow at a 46% CAGR from 2010 to 2016, reaching just under 80 million device sales in 2016. Wireless for fitness will gain consumer acceptance due to its relative simplicity, and will connect to cloud applications, subscription services and sharing of platforms. StoneHearth News article. ABI Research page and cost (registration required).